advanced practitioner educators course

Advanced Practitioner Educators Course

We are seeking 20 treatment practitioners to become an internationally Certified Psychedelic Recovery Coach™ in the field of addiction and mental health treatment.

In order to be accepted into the program each person is required to be qualified; think; M.D., PhD, Therapist, Drug and Alcohol Counselor and the like; that want to be apart of this historical advancement in medicine.

You will be accepted based on your qualifications and experience rather than exclusively by your degree and or certification.

This 1 year advanced practitioners education program is the leading Psychedelic Recovery Coach™ educational course in the world including a specialty focus in the behavioral health community.

This course is not for people who have no resources to join.

You do not have to consume psychedelics to join or be certified ( although a curious desire to learn is in order to be accepted into the curriculum.)

Not everybody will be accepted as we need these 20 people to already be advanced in their own practice.

This is Definitely NOT the Beginners Course.

When treatment centers owners ask me why this advanced practitioners educators course cost so much. After I show them it’s  75% less than hiring me privately I share with them how the payers are estimating how much their budget is and how that compares to their having no educated entheogenic/psychedelic providers on staff  while at the same time do not providing that kind of care. Look at your website it looks nothing like an outpatient ketamine clinic when it comes to the definition of ketamine in your description. That prior sentence is a 50K gift to all treatment providers that are LaJippedScript Certified.

Solution? Think: How much is your budget towards education compared to marketing.

As is being shown; value-based Treatment Health Care™ is awaiting to lead the way.

Payers are looking for measured results and the people we certify will be more qualified than most expected.

We desperately need other educational providers to take account: The easy way is come to the year program and figure out yourself as you will be qualified to do so.

Psychedelics are very powerful and to bring psychedelics into healthcare treatment, business, and education all at the same time is not one stop shop that’s for sure.

As an example a Medical Doctor will love this course because other than medical protocols that we could refer them otherwise; I’ll tell you what the protocols are right now; mg per kg; figure it out in practice unless your specific practice calls for specific protocols to start.. The education here is practice rather than medical protocol. For instance, a person with a certified drug and alcohol certificate with over 3k hours of experience would be one of the very few dually qualified people on the planet having access the most updated scientific psychedelic education and practice to reference as their current qualifications.

The year program will be confidential, measured and recored for standards sake. We will be required to absolute adherence of Safe Providers™ policies that prioritize the safety of everyone involved.

The thing is the 250K drug and alcohol counselors and their families have had not 1 minute of entheogenic education and their educators need us to get this together so they can have a base to consider for their own offering when they are qualified to do so.

These drug and alcohol counselors have families so we have a need to start today.

As you will notice all the leading online psychedelic/entheogenic companies hire “coaches” that ”don’t” hold a “license” as the primary communicator because the prescribers feel comfortable and the outcomes are performing well.

Not everyone wants to be therapatised to receive their medicine. Sometimes being a Ketamine Therapy Coach™ is better than having to see a clinincal therapist and a lot of licensed  therapists prefer the communication protocols

Currently and in less than 6 months Billing Codes for entheogenic substances that have psychedelic effects including: MDMA, ketamine and upcoming psilocybin will be available to utilize by experienced providers if they can prove they are able to accept patients.

The prescribers are leading the way and they are depending on the “integration” crew to know what to do.

What will the providers ( integration crew ) who have no experience do while the place next-door is treating people with these substances is really an ethical question that is in need of an answer; any treatment provider should be asking themselves right now how “How do I get my team trained and educated” for what science has already proved to be effective.

The payers and medical malpractice watchers are all measuring these advertisements that are claiming this sickness for life while other people have been living well for years on entheogen‘s (psychedelics) and to be fair neither way works for everybody.

Medicine is prescribing entheogens/psychedelics for the first time and should be applauded for not waiting longer.

The mind blowing IRONY is, seemingly,  the only ones in denial are the treatment center employed 12 step members and mostly the owners of treatment centers that are 12 step members that should probably retire rather than fight medical malpratice; the secret is in not everyone is an alcoholic like that anymore.

Now with treatment health care being a sought after and measured process; it will be interesting what Medical Doctor is going to risk their license by denying these substances to their patients when we have science to prove efficacy.

We will go over this in the training as to why but upcoming I’ve been informed that Alcoholics Anonymous is going to be brought into the question and its members aren’t going to be able to hide from how simply true it is that the “disease for life” model that once was the belief of the medical system is not longer the Gold Standard of Medical or Clinical treatment and if the employed members of alcoholics anonymous keep digging in their hills ( pun intended), somebody’s gonna have to, as they say, crack the whip and it seems as though it’s going to be the medical industry who’s no longer interested in paying for that scope of reasoning.

I’m not concerned about the 12 step groups; they are the heart of community recovery and we all know that and they will survive and the treatment centers will follow the direction when they are required and before them hopefully 12 step groups will have their plagiarism lawsuit together for the upcoming malpratice battle brewing.

Maybe the 12 step groups will finally get their name out of a billing codes mouth and get back to the recovery community  the way it used to be before it was a bus stop for uninterested people.

They’ll figure it out they always have.

Good news  is there are more solutions in this equation than problems.

Firstly; If twelve-step had a personal coaching program that modeled drug and alcohol counselors and included the most advanced behavioral health psychedelic training in the world it would be called the Psychedelic Recovery Coach Certification Program™

The reason why this certification program has so much value is for the last 20 years I’ve been building this program to be prepared for now.  People ( payers are people too ) tend to listen to other options when they spend 2 or 300k on a person and they still aint getting better. They start saying can we try something else and that something else now has us here so getting educated as a Certified Psychedelic Recovery Coach™ is a perfect thing to make a commit to in order to advance your career.

In case you are just hearing; Utilizing Psychedelics/entheogens o treating a person for mental health conditions (addiction is considered a mental health condition) has been happening for quite some time, science has been measuring it and now it’s now available to the general public, all around the world, for the same conditions that addiction and mental health treatment centers currently treat.

If you are thinking psychedelic don’t work for everyone; You are correct, they don’t work for everyone and what is also correct, is, when you have no experience you have no experience.

We are planning to validate your certification you when you get your five years of experience, that some say, ends your period of being a psychedelic practioner “newcomer”; so let’s get started with your first day today.

Applications are currently being accepted and if you’re not resourced well enough to pay twenty five thousand dollars for the one year certification program that will cause licensed practitioners and including every drug and alcohol counselor in the world to have access to a qualified and accepted curriculum; we will see if we can help make up the difference for those that are in need of financial support AND are extremely overqualified to justify the expense.

Hopefully and Intentionally the training by the end of the year will probably be more close to around forty five hundred or eighty five hundred rather than twenty five thousand and out of the 14,000 treatment centers with the reduction in cost from the subsidies for education that is being offered we are preparing for all people that are certified by us to be able to make a living that includes retirement packages. Said differently a Certified Psychedelic Recovery Coach™ could easily work four hours a day five days a week and have a high 5 figure sustainable income. If you make less than half of that you qualify to be accepted in our Learn the Cost™ financial assistance program; it teaches financial responsibility and improves your ability to succeed.

When we help ourselves we’re helping the people around us is an evolution of “put your own  mask on first”.

It’s true we have evolved and so has medicine

As an interventionist and back in the 90’s they used to give us an address and we had to go get these people bring them back and show them how it was done. Most of the time even the hair color description as incorrect with no payphone to get an update. The solution was always right in front of you and the person needed to see it too.  It’s much different nowadays thats for sure.

I share with people “I’m psychedelic in my being” no need to consume anything to get people into that state of mind.

Even with resources were we in the evolution all the way from the start; back then if you didn’t have money we sent you to the food bank and if you’re fucking off you will get yourself put out by the majority or get responsible and stay; if you were desperate for help, you couldn’t stop the team that was on yours.

It was very simple. There were very fews of us, we were outcast by society and we had no place to go so we found ourselves with eachother. That was before the “DisAbility Act” and since then things have gotten worse including all th efforts claiming different for their funding requirement.  Having no family no education no housing and no resources is hard to blame “Addciton” that need to be covered by medical insurance in the same way its hard to see billions of dollars save the banks while people are dying on the streets. Look; people still want relief when abstinence and the opiate maintenance isn’t working.

People are asking that we measure together.

No longer can payors depend on 12 step communities that do not utilize measurement tools and to treat “conditions” like they are a “disease” without measurement tools doesn’t seem to be working very well.

During our course you will be apart of 10 people who have 5 times failed the abstinence model of AUD  treatment and you will experience how measuring outcomes is being done and experience the payers being overly grateful and happy to pay on time and  as required in most cases, due to the limited amount of qualified people in the world, paying ahead inclusive of agreed care protocols.

How about treating other treatment practitioners? We all have someone still depressed on their meds and “sober” and just not living life very well and most people around them “know” at some point they will “get drunk”. How do we care for “our” own when they are not safe to be in the conversation with their fellows. 

For some and Analogically speaking:

If you ever were about it You’ll remember the “shot caller”; they always comes in the last ;)

Nowadays, it’s an honor that the “shot caller” has science, compassion and medicine in its perspective. People want solutions and those of us who have experienced and continue to experience people doing well; of course you know we want to share just like you want to share the way your way worked for you.

As we all know; It’s hard not to love us Recovery folks and we’ve change the whole medical world and they got lost in it and now they’ve changed their protocols; but “aint no thang” we been switched up on before; we know what to do.

The question is; how many people do you know, out of the billions of people, that have one year of experience utilizing entheogens or psychedelics, as a treatment ( think utilizing psychedelics at a treatment center) or have Community ( think A.A. that doesn’t shame or condemn people for consuming psychedelics while at the same time accepting other prescribed substances. ). Now click into world psychiatry that already has the science to move forward specifically around ketamine MDMA and psilocybin; the inner groups remind me of what 12 steps used to be; “Pure Recovery” no intruders needed; it only works if you work it; so work it, work it.

If 5 years of being a psychedelic/entheogenic practitioner is considered the ending of a persons, so called “newcomer” stage, then how should we identify that have no experience in a community. Thats question thats needs answering today.

For those Who Do Not Know: The appropriate answer if you have no education on how psychedelics or entheogens work successfully by being utilized for Addiction and Mental Heath Treatment is: I’m not qualified enough on the subject. Or and said differently if a person is being treated for AUD and the person asks about how Ketamine can be used as a treatment and lets say a  certified drug and alcohol counselor overnight person tells the patient how horrible it is to utilize ketamine as a potential treatment and how if the person tried that they would be considerd “getting drunk” and “not really” sober at all and furthermore explains that to the family as well; who is response for the mis information of the overnight drug and alcohol counselor?  Is it the unqualified person; in this case thats both certified drug and alcohol counselor overnight person and the patient and possibly the treatment center itself? 

Is the responsibility the employer or the educator or none of them because they don’t agree with it or all of them cause its no longer ethical to deny?

Education is they key and nothing stays the same except change and it’s always the same but different.

Psychedelics and Entheogens for treatment are here and like we said before being educated is no longer an option it is required.

It’s not rocket science, and one person helping another IS without parallel.

We are people; we are good people and we are in a good way.

Not everybody likes change; ain’t nothing changed and we are just getting started like Bill Wilson in 50’s before he had to recuse himself of leader of the organization he founded due to the fact he was asked to lie by omission about his psychedelic experiences for what was determined at the time, the greater good of the group. In 2023 and with science on our side the heritage needs your support in adjusting how 12 step view this consideration as a whole.

You know how’s it’s done: If you want some come get you some.

Grab our own coffee pot and start your own meeting, a they say.

We’re starting with the people that are tagged here first due to the reality this it is structured for education over time and almost everyone has no experience with utilizing  psychedelics as a treatment.

I’m focused on the honor of those lost and the 250k drug and alcohol counselors and their family’s who need us to get ourselves to work to price the education support needed.

Next week I will start emailing everyone else  to see who’s interested in having a wonderful year learning these new ways and the medicines needs us to know how to be in support together.

My main question is here is were you in 2002?  As for me I had on eye masks with headphones consuming psychedelics listening to playlists that the current model of psychedelic care is built upon.

As of this writing I did not expect to be here and I knew I would be from the very start in that very first session.

I’m sharing with you first mostly because I love community and I’m hopeful you do too.

If you are qualified and are interested please fill our the form and choose a time for our initial call to learn more about some of the details I’m not sharing publicly.

Either way; sage travels and blissings along the way of your journey

All the Best,


P.S. It’s ok that your way works for you and you don’t support this and Please honor those that do support this for those it can work for; no one at the funeral services wanted their loved one reserved of these options specifically after other options had failed over and over again. If breath work or abstinence can work then that is just fine too we welcome all Recovery


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