Bridging the Gap to Psychedelic Treatment Providers

Bridging the Gap to Psychedelic Treatment Providers

 Recently the Psychedelic Recovery Coach™ had a public community gathering on the same evening that Numinus put on their first Music as Medicine event in Los Angeles.

I call it Bridging the Gap.

Invite everyone and commune responsibly.

People of all groups and backgrounds. Educated, Licensed and Experienced people showed up and Numinus has quite the  team.  Really refreshing to say the least.

Being in support of psychedelics in community and after twenty years of experiencing psychedelic ceremonies, this recent community engagement is more fluid proof that application adds more value to information.

Something that all people should have access, not just some.  Photos available on our instagram

I recently did an interview and what came out is the whole system of addiction and mental health treatment fields don’t even consider supporting or educating people on or with psychedelics because they have never been taught; as one treatment provider with clenching teeth said to me as it relates to psychedelics “that’s not in our scope; addiction is a genetically incurable disease”.

The thing is we need stable community support.*

Every addiction and mental health treatment provider in North America refers to or has referred to abstinence based 12 step programs and the 12 step programs are evolving. Like this one fledging society that is modeling the 12 step structure, including things like community, accountability, and support that EXCEPTS PEOPLE utilizing psychedelics.

I’d say Bill W. is sending his blessings for this to carry on; furthering community.

Community is the main reason The Psychedelic Interventionist™ docuseries is in research production instead of being filmed. We need more community. Stay tuned in for more news as it arrives.

In reflection on to how to help allow the series to be solution focused rather than a drug war, misinformation approach we decided to go the systemic direction based on the model of intervention I developed in 2005 that more resembles current science around how to help people in systems utilizing psychedelics. Featuring things that would teach people how to bridge the gap of Consumption Vs. Education. Regulation Vs Responsibility and Living in the past Vs. Moving forward.

Recently I had an conversation with a therapist that specifically works with women who are grieving from losing a unborn child. I asked: What is your perspective on psychedelics? Their response “ABSOLUETLY NOT” and for about the next seven minutes or so I found out that based on the therapist’s education and belief system they were in no position to even consider offering psychedelic support to a person as they are not credentialed enough to do so even though they are licensed. Again community. How do we support the providers that have been taught differently for so long. Takes time to learn new ways.

Right now I am waiting to hear back from one of the team members about a community event series like this specifically for the mental health and addiction treatment fields to fill in the gap.

 There really is a big community of people in psychedelic recovery.

The people that are in psychedelic recovery are good people; mostly.

Lets get real. People who are traumatized tend to get more traumatized before they get help. Not everyone is out there to be nice. Some people are waiting to take advantage. Think: Late night Bar.

To be direct; there is a huge need of awareness as psychedelics can really help damage someone if they are not utilized in best support or space to do so. Think: Alcohol Education Course ( no not the one where you got so drunk you never want to do that again cause that would mean you actually did it and some people learn that way)

 Knowing the difference really matters.

If feels to me that true community can help get the message across in more of a supportive and effective way of bridging the gap of psychedelic education . Think: Dr. Office, Church, community event, back yard BBQ; health spa

It’s hard to adjust after being misled your whole life, but sometimes it’s how life goes, and we move on and get better or held back its your choice. It doesn’t matter if you are a doctor or indigent person, being misled is being misled. Opposed to being distraught about being misled it’s easier to learn from the misinformation when you are curious.

Seriously though, not everyone should use psychedelics is in the same scope as: nothing works for everyone and everything works for no one.

Use your responsible judgment.

If you are responsible enough to drink alcohol then you are responsible enough make the right decision.

It’s not rocket science, yet.

Remember Good Decisions make Good Decisions that’s just how it goes.

More providers are getting involved and the gap is getting smaller.

If you need help reach out and connect.

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