Does the Treatment Industry Need a Psychedelic Intervention?

Today we spoke to The Psychedelic Interventionist™ and had some very interesting responses to the questions that people are asking. We are sharing this conversation so people can begin to learn the language of recovery while also utilizing psychedelics from the perspective of a Psychedelic Interventionist themself.

Interviewer: What is a Psychedelic Interventionist and what do they do?

The Psychedelic Interventionist: The main tool that a Psychedelic Interventionist uses in their practice is psychedelic language or said differently the language of changing the conversation.

Psychedelics are known tool to help release underlying trauma, anxiety, depression, and destructive behaviors. Psychedelics are also a wonderful way to allow clarity during times of overwhelm.

 My job as a Psychedelic Interventionist tends to be helping support the person through their preparation, engagement, and continuing  journey. Utilizing psychedelics without support, especially with no previous experience, is not recommended.

Interviewer: Have you seen a lot of positive and or beneficial results?

The Psychedelic Interventionist: I have. And while psychedelics are working for a significant amount of people it’s not for everyone, just like 12-step isn’t for everyone.

The great thing is that as Psychedelics are becoming more accepted in today’s world, there is now a lot more scientific studies that support the significant benefits. 

Interviewer: That’s great. So if you have the support of science, why is there little to no access to Psychedelics in the mental health and addiction treatment communities?

The Psychedelic Interventionist: Good question. This is the main reason why the The Psychedelic Interventionist™ docuseries is currently on hold.

The simple answer is community. We need more community support and education.

There is a significant amount of people in Psychedelic Recovery outside of the addiction and mental health treatment communities. A lot of them come from 12 step backgrounds and are quite well structured and accountable to their behavior. This is why decriminalization, medicalization, and legalization is here is because some really smart people have been doing psychedelics safe and accountable all around the world and we have proof.

 Although  psychedelic science is pointing towards conditions that most of the treatment centers in the world treat, almost none of the treatment centers have made much progress on seeking further education and support about how to implement a psychedelic curriculum into their protocols.

Some of these places you can pay 125K a month and at the end of 30 days you’ll be asked to continue to be abstinent for the rest of your life. Their claim is there is no way around it because you are diagnosed as having a “disease”, when in most cases, as we now know, the destructive behaviors come from trauma. For an example a child may have been beaten or molested. An adult could have been abused or lived through something incredibly traumatic. Actually, most people are still living with unresolved trauma and have no idea that more than likely this is where their issues are stemming from.

 This is why I believe that the docuseries is so incredibly important to the public. I want to bring awareness. There is currently not enough educated and experienced awareness or support.

We need more support from the addiction and mental health treatment communities.

Almost every single licensed mental health and addiction treatment center in the country has no experience with psychedelics.

We need our educational platforms to support this community of people.

Currently most of the people in the recovery community that utilize psychedelics do not identify themselves as disabled, diseased, or sick. They also don’t frequent 12 step meetings where most treatment centers refer people.

Furthermore, all of the licensed people in the country utilizing psychedelics as part of their treatment offerings do so only in an outpatient basis. Which is what I do because the impatient treatment centers have not determined how to implement psychedelic options into their protocols.

Interviewer: So will we ever see The Psychedelic Interventionist™ docuseries?

The Psychedelic Interventionist: I am determined to make it happen.

Back in 2021 we decided that it was necessary to focus on education as at least 70% of the people working in the mental health and addiction treatment field are drug and alcohol counselors. These people are the workforce and some of the best people out there who happen to do most of the work in these centers. That’s when I realized we needed to first complete the Psychedelic Recovery Coaching Certification™ that would provide required CEUS that Licensed and Certified treatment providers are required to have in order to keep their credentials current.

I have been seeking out treatment organizations for over a decade now to focus seeking out training in psychedelics and no one has been willing, for varying different reasons, but mostly due their own “recovery” that is abstinence based.

God news is we will have the Psychedelic Recovery Coaching Certification™ done and it will allow all the 12 Step abstinence-based Interventionists to get prepared for a race to see who’s model is more valuable to health and well-being overtime.

We’re all in this together; to help the people in need. 

TV needs a little grit so you’ll see some of these so called “Interventionists” retiring  before the shows airs or they will need to evolve their education, training, and protocols.

A lot of interventionists are self-taught, or they’ve only been educated to help people in the “disease only model”. These kinds of Interventionists are rarely willing to give up their abstinent only belief until they have been intervened upon to see different and credible perspectives. YES; we need to intervene on all the intervention training organizations in the world. We really need more interventionists’ to be more open minded and willing to be educated in the amazing benefits that are now being scientifically backed. Even if they belief in another way there are no more excuses to why these people are not furthering their education.

Interviewer: Do you think the 12-Steps don’t work?

The Psychedelic Interventionist: That would be like saying you can’t utilize a horse for transportation in 2022. Would a bike or car be more affective?

Of Course 12-Step works. Bill W. was a genius but had to take a step back from his participation in the organization he founded. He acted as the co-founder of A.A. but Bill was really the initiator; similar to the legendary 12-step Interventionist, Earl Hightower. Both people have helped thousands who have in turn continued into helping millions.

Seems like Bill wasn’t able to be open, honest, and excepted during his Psychedelic usage in the community he founded; he began to feel frustrated and stifled and took a large step back and ended up leaving the leadership of the program altogether.

 Even though Bill W. consumed Psychedelics the whole of A.A. still considered him, and still does, to have been sober and in sobriety until his death; makes sense as neither of those terms define as abstinence.

 Bill W. is still ahead of our time in todays day and age. We really need another Bill W., that’s for sure. We need someone who can lead a community of millions on a large perspective shift for the better of all humanity.

Some of my best friends are in abstinent based recovery, for decades now, and they all seem to have evolved out of 12 step and into mediation and other self-help opportunities. Some but not all, are now including psychedelics as their primary continuing course of recovery. The main point here is they were no longer able to handle the negative self-talk that presides in most 12 step groups and the feeling of obligation to share their most traumatic experiences over and over in order to validate their recovery had become clearly counterproductive ( no science needed ).

Interviewer: Wow. So getting psychedelic suppport with an experienced Interventionist is really a great way to transition from other recovery methods. Any last thoughts before we conclude?

The Psychedelic Interventionist: Yes. I have more solutions available than problems as it relates to addiction and mental health treatment. We have a strong support system. If you need me, reach out and lets connect.

Interviewer: Absolutely. And will provide a link in this interview. They can also get your contact information upon request. Thank you everyone for joining and please share this with someone you feel it can help.






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