Living in Recovery while Utilizing Psychedelics in 2024

It’s a new way of thinking; utilizing psychedelics and being in “Recovery” at the same time. 

   Being in Recovery is a choice.

Living in Recovery is something that you do every day and requires tending to, like a garden for ones’ mental health and well-being.

 Living in Recovery is a daily recurrence and your tending will be reflected in your outcomes.

So what happens when Living in Recovery starts including substances, like psychedelics, that are known to be inherently safe but have been mis-categorized as if they were bad for your health? 

What happens is; people start recognizing the benefits and they start working together, as a community of people helping others have safe access and information about these substances. 

It’s been moving along for the last 20 years and in the last 3 years we’ve made more progress than ever before and the medical communities and the medicine communities all have the same goal; Help more people live better lives, living free from disease.

The interesting part is how the 12 Step groups built the community of “diseased people in recovery” by way of being educated as a drug and alcohol counselors and  is similar to how the medical field is supporting all certified or licensed people in the field of addiction and Mental Health treatment fields to become  certified in Psychedelic Assisted Recovery.

How can this be done when the drug war claims these medicines don’t work or are criminalized in some states while in other sates it is legal to receive treatment utilizing these substances?

 At a base it is done through like minded people who care and know the difference. Mostly responsible, accountable people that know how to follow the rules.  

It’s through accountability and community of choice. It’s done from educating all people about these substances and questioning the Stigma from abstinence based insurance providers that have no accountability for failure. 

Living in Recovery while utilizing Psychedelics in 2024 is the shift that’s needed in todays’ desire to rid people from the “lifelong disease of addiction” from being the entry point to all Addciton and Mental healthcare. 

It’s true, people can be diseased for life from addiction; what’s also true is everyone that is currently in an addiction cycle is not diseased for life. Let that sink in, as to why, almost all treatment centers who oppose psychedelics only teach  disease for life abstinence, for everyone coming through the door being treated for addiction.

The why is education and experience.  

The thing is, psychedelics tend to examine these questions within a persons consciousness and their inner most self starts to rise that Living in Recovery; is a better way, after all the definition of recovery states: restoration or return to any former and better state or condition.

If you are not able to answer questions when your client is utilizing entheogens or psychedelics as a part of their recovery then you are out of scope or compliance with your own licenses and or certification by default. If it was me and I was license for certified I’d at lease get the Beginners Psychedelics Recovery Coaching Certification so you can at least be qualified to be in the conversation.

 If you have anxiety or depression or have been overwhelmed with OCD, PTSD and other conditions that are being treated with Psychedelics; it’s safe to recognize that utilizing Psychedelics while Living in Recovery is available. 

*In other news: Being or Living in Recovey is not required for you to live a wonderful life and psychedelics are not for everyone.

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