Psychedelic Recovery Coach™ Education for Addiction and Mental Health Treatment Providers

For over 50 years psychedelics have been “off the radar” as they say, for people working in the addiction and mental health treatment communities.

Being off the radar did not stop people from continual usage of these “controlled substances”.

Things have been going so well we are to the point of what I call Scientific Legalization.

Now people are prescribed medications that have psychedelic effects with more psychedelic medications on their way.

It has been key that a lot of these “off the radar” consumers of psychedelics are also of religious and scientific origin and have authenticated these substances far more valuable then formerly known or accepted in society.

Continual science and experience of these substances being valuable to human beings is evident, although there is a significant lack of education on how to interact and support people through these psychedelic experiences.

There are plenty of places for Licensed treatment practitioners to get their certifications although the lines to get in and the cost is holding back so many from having access.

The most alarming thing is we specifically have a huge shortage of experienced people to help the addiction and mental health recovery communities due to lack of educational acceptance and experience.

Community is one reason why I developed the Psychedelic Recovery Coach™.  With 20 years of experience in helping people utilize psychedelics as a tool in recovery and in alignment with the Transformational Intervention Model™ I’ve found it much easier to teach people responsibility and accountability in community rather how to individually teach people about psychedelic landscape. 

Remember it’s your responsibility to be educated about psychedelics if you are working in the field of treating human beings.

Do your own Research.

Out of over 330 million in the US alone how many psychedelic practitioners do you know?

No matter if you agree or disagree with someone choosing a psychedelic medication or spiritual path as their primary choice; knowing how to be in the conversation and become educated enough to do so is inherently the practitioners’ responsibility.

Being educated in several different psychedelic ideologies like breath work, numadelics, vr, ai, psychedelic substances and the like will become more apart of the norm.

We need more systemic commitment to educating people in knowing the difference and learning how to be of support for people choosing psychedelics as a part of their journey.

The psychedelic recovery community is growing and it has a strong alliance with 12 step structure excluding the disease for life theme.

This specifically means we need more psychedelic recovery practitioners rather than drug and alcohol counselors alone to meet the psychedelic demand.

I myself offer a psychedelic recovery coaching certification and I challenge any any person, group of people, or  organization to best our training and depth of experience in having the most value able Psychedelic Recovery Coaching Certification in the world.

There is no competition; we need help, support, and inclusion.

We need more educators and training.

Inclusion rather than exclusion.

Specifically education for all the people who have been following the “rules” and have no idea about psychedelics.

Psychedelics have been mis-represented for quite some time now and coming together to support one another should be the norm. I know a lot of the abstinence based treatment community is trying to figure out how to change their model or perspective and I’m here to support .

Community Recovery has always been the best support in recovery; I sure wish 12 step members would adjust the language; it’s such an incredible community support system and as we know: “language” matters just like “knowing the difference” matters. PIR seems to be the only one that is really doing 12 step with an accessible bridge.

If you’re interested in being a part of the solution in education and community support as it relates to psychedelics (digital,language, substances,and otherwise ), in a good kind and compassionate way, we welcome your engagement.

If you prefer otherwise; Sage travels and enjoy your journey

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